Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Another Day At Sea,

so we started with breakfast,     

 before spending the day by the pool,

 but in mid afternoon after a shower and change we were upstairs,

 at the bar at the rear of the ship,

 we had booked ourselves in for a afternoon champagne cream tea,

 so a glass of bubbly before we go into the restaurant,

and this is where we were going, the  Epicurean, 

our selection for today,

 which had changed since our last visit here,

 and nice the selection looked too,

  complete with a fresh orchid, 


 now this looked like fun, a chocolate tube filled with apple and cream, 

 and this, a lemon meringue trifle, 

 that came with its's own blackcurrant couils in a tube,  it was all so nice, then out to the pool for the rest of the afternoon,

in the evening a shower and change, we skipped our evening meal, we were still so full from the cream tea,

so a stroll on deck,

  and a stop by the bar,

 to watch another live performance by one of the groups,

 a tipple before the show, 

 and a look outside,

 it looked and was so cold, we were soon inside,

 for the evening show,

 a return performance of The Opera Boys,

 as you might expect, 

 their second performance was as good as the first,

 and finished to around of huge applause,

 the show over, 

 a nightcap,

into the lift and we were off to bed.

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