Monday, 13 June 2016

We Had The Day All Planned,

but as we went outside,

the heavens opened,

so it was on to plan 'B',

as we waited at New Beckenham station,

we soon arrived at Kings Cross, but first a look at the London Eye,

and out of the station,

outside one of the 12 crosses of London,

as we walked towards Covent Garden we passed the headquarters of BB Bakery, the company we had a afternoon tea with a few weeks ago,
and here we were back again at Covent Garden, but this time a cold and wet day,

 this time a stall or two as it happens were selling foxgloves, 

or digitalis as they are known, beautiful to look at but a deadly poison if you write crime novels,

we stayed under cover,

as it was still raining, passing the mirror maze,

and to the front of the market,

after a look around we made our way to Knightsbridge,

up the escalators for breakfast,

and where to eat breakfast in London?

Harrods of courses!

so if you are in Harrods where to eat breakfast?

the ice cream parlor of course!

lots of glasses hanging from the ceiling,

and on shelves,

on the walls,

so in no particular order, a strawberry tower for myself,

a banoffee for Kai.

a Knickerbocker glory for Diana and a chocolate brownie for Steve,

and here there all where,

breakfast over we took a walk,

looking at some of the merchandise,

any one for a Teddy?

well we made a purchase near to the jewelry department,

shopping over,

we were outside,

a panorama of  the side of the store,

and we were on our way,

to the London Underground,

arriving at Warren Street we looked around the Goggle store for some time, catching up on the new developments,

back on to the Underground,

Diana, Steve and Kai took the escalators up, I raced up the stairs to beat them,

as we left the station at Green Park a celebration was going on,

it was the Queen's birthday,

whilst the main celebrations were gong on in the Mall,

we were in the park looking at a huge screen to see what was happening,

and this was the view we were seeing,

helpers gave out the Union flag,

in the distance the television screen,

and this was the scene,

we were given crowns as well as flags,

ice cream and strawberry and cream stalls were here,

as well as beer tent,

naturally more than a few,

dressed up,

with the Union Jack as a theme to their clothes,

we were all watching the birthday party,

along with the crowd,

all too soon the party was over as we made our way across the park,

there was a nice water feature here similar to the one we saw in Woolwich,

we made our way towards Buckingham Palace,

where some park police on horses were still in attendance,

the Royal Standard at the top of the mast meaning the Queen was in residence,

through the bars of the gate one of the guards doing his duty,

in front of the palace,

the gilded statue in all of it's glory,

we then went to Leicester Square station,

on our way,

to China Town,

it had been raining,

but by the time we arrived it had stopped, the streets were still wet,

but we were dry,

we looked at some of the restaurants,

there were so many to chose from,

a quick pose,

looking along the street there must have been a street party earlier,

looking at all of the restaurants we chose this one,

with a nice aquarium inside,

prawn crackers to start,

for Steve and myself a selection of starters and crab and sweetcorn soup,

with crispy duck and pancakes, 

which we all shared,

there was so much of it,

then the rest of Steve and myself's main courses arrived,

including sweet and sour chicken,

the girls had ordered a lobster,

it was large,

as the girls turned it,

towards the camera,

the meal was delicious,

we made our way along,

Gerard Street,

looking at the various,


on each side of the road,

so many to choice from,

but I have to say the one we went to left nothing to be desired,

we came to the end of China Town,

where a new gate had been erected,

since our last visit,

also there were white as well as black cabs,

in the square a bit of street theater,

this gentleman here with a crash helmet on spun on his head, to the amusement of the crowd,

we made our way across the square,

passing the feature in the middle of it,

and the cinemas at the side of the square,

past the Hampshire,

and the Scoff and Banter.

and past a few other restaurants,

a quick pose,

as a tricycle passes by,

we then passed St Martins in the Strand,

I had to take this picture, a London black cab with Nelsons column in the distance, two classic London icons,

we made our way,

back to Charing Cross station,

a detail from the statue,

a pity about the pigeon deterrent wires,

at the front of the station,

and we were on the train past the London Eye,

Waterloo Station,

and the Shard, sorry the picture is a bit off but the train was moving, arriving home we watched a few more from The Killing and we were of to bed.

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