Monday, 13 June 2016

Out For A Bite To Eat,

for breakfast/lunch,

as we left in Steve and Kai's front garden this flower spike has appeared,

 I am not sure what it is, but it certainly looks different

  a closeup of one of the flowers,

 before eating we were going strawberry picking at Hewitts Farm, just outside of Orpington in Kent,

 and off we go,

 Kai has been strawberry picking before,

 but this is a first for Diana,

 look I got one!

 so out with the selfie stick,

 the idea is that you pick only the strawberries you like,

 leaving the unripened ones for another day,

and it did not take long to half fill a bucket,

 one small point,

 you are not supposed to eat the strawberries until after you have paid for them,

 but that got lost in translation!

 next stop for a bite to eat,

 we stopped in Shoreham in Kent,

 a small country village,

 where it is not unusual,

 to see a horse rather than a car in the street,

 we were going to ea at The Shoreham Aircraft Museum, which is dedicated to the remembrance of pilots of all sides in the Second World War,

 as you walk into the courtyard there are some pieces of ordnance from the war,

 with a cafe,

 and a black cat,

 inside the restaurant it is like going back in time to the 1940, the music, advertising and atmosphere are all just so right,

 we settled down to cakes for the girls, bacon doorstops for Steve and myself,

 the cafe entrance is decked with enamelled signs from the era,

 there is lots of seating outside,

 and in the garden some reminders,

 of the sacrifice that many made in the war,

 we went into the museum, but for some reason you can not take photographs, so it would be a better idea if you want to take pictures of memorabilia of this period to go to the Imperial War Museum and as a bonus it is free! 

 we made our way back to the car,

 and in no time at all we were at Polehill nursery,

 just as a flight of aircraft flew over us, we had though of going to the airshow, but the weather did not look good, later it did in fact start to rain,

on to my favorite stall in the place,

 the seafood stall,

 a tub of whelks, fresh from Folkstone,

 inside there were some nice orchids for sale,

 like this one,

 some of the displays were colour coded, like these all in blue,

 or a mixture of colours,

 if we were buying some we would be spoilt for choice,

 a quick look around,

and a picture, we then bought some fresh cream to go with our fresh picked strawberries and a few other bits and pieces and we were on our way home,

for this evenings meal, 

we had bought a selection of cold meats and some smoked salmon with salad, 

 looking into the garden, one of the young foxes was waking up,

and having a scratch, 

 then it saw me,

 but it did not seem particularly fazed out,

so I took another picture,

for dessert an Eton mess with the fresh strawberries we had picked earlier, plus some raspberries, blueberries and cherry's and a magnum of bubbly, we then watched the match which ended in a draw, on to the film World War Z, an all action end of the world zombie movie, with the end of that we were all off to bed.

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