Saturday, 11 June 2016

Our Adventure Was Over,

and what a nice time we had,

now the hunt began, the passengers had been split up into groups for disembarkation, we found that we were in the second group, and the game commenced, it was called 'find your suitcase',

above is the shed looking to the right and left, there were the same number of suitcases behind us! the good news was that they were arranged in floor and cabin order, but it still took some time as our cases were a couple of rows apart,

we thought  would have trouble finding a taxi to take us to the coach station as so many passengers were here, but there were a queue of taxis waiting,

we barely had time for a drink at the coach station before our coach from Southampton to London arrived, 

I took a couple of pictures,

as we went through Winchester, arriving at Victoria we had just 4 minuets to catch our train,

then here we were in Beckenham, opposite St. Georges church,

having lunch, a pizza for Diana,

 a sausage and bacon baguette for myself, we arrived back at Steve and Kai's home, where unpacking started, we spent the evening chatting about our trip, Thailand and the rest of the news over some good o'le fish and chips that Steve brought home, then it was feet up for Killers, a series we had started watching with Steve and Kai before our trip started, then at nearly midnight we were all off to bed.

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