Monday, 6 June 2016

An At Sea Day Today,

and a black tie evening,

we started the day with lunch, neither of us was really hungry for breakfast, so  we spent the day by the pool reading until midday,

then for lunch lamb samosa's for both of us,

we had been missing Indian food, so we also both went with a green chili and pork vindaloo,with saffron rice and mango chutney,

for dessert apple pie and cream for myself,

and a mixture of ice cream for Diana, then back to relaxing by the pool,

then it was glad rags on,

into the lift,

and downstairs,

for our predinner drink,

watching the sea rush past,

for our starters Diana chose baked mushrooms in a spinach and cheddar sauce, served on sourdough bread, for myself slow cooked beef, vegetable with a red wine sauce soup,

for our main courses, a duo of beef and pork with colcannon potatoes, cheery tomatoes, green beans and cauliflower sauce for Diana,

for myself chicken breast Maryland with chips a dip and vegetables,

on to desserts, a vanilla panna cotta strawberry compote for Diana,

a spiced orange and fruit strudel with Devonshire cream for myself, 

we were so full,

so a after dinner stroll,

for both of us,

as the sun went down,

we called into one of the many live music bars for a pre-show drink,

then on to the main event,

the Hot Ticket,

it was an all singing,

and dancing,


with the boys and girls changing into new costumes,

and personas every few songs,

some of the sets,

had the most fantastical costumes,

everyone was having so much fun,

but alas the show had to end,

with a grand finale show dance, the show was over,

it was thirsty work watching all of that, 


we made our way back to our cabin,

it was late, or I should say early morning, so we were off to bed.

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