Thursday, 9 June 2016

Up Early,

and off for breakfast,

 a fruit salad for Diana, sausages and bacon with baked beans and cold cuts for myself,

 we passed by one of the pools which was in a state of flux,

 as the swell moved the ship up and down so the water in the pool went from end to end,

 in the afternoon a snack,

 the water in the pool still moving as we made our way to our cabin,

 for a change of clothes,

 as it was a black tie evening,

we were dining at the Sindhu,

 the Indian restaurant, we were not sure what these were, as water was added to them they grew, they were in fact dry towels that expanded when water was added,

 we first had a complementary amuse bouche,

 on to our starters, 

 shammi kebab for Diana, spiced lamb cakes with mint and tamarind chutney,

 ja tarang for myself, pan fried scallops with slices of parsnip,

 on to our mains, lobster fricassee with rice pancakes and Atul's signature Malabar sauce for Diana,

 for myself Atul's signature plate, lamb rogan josh, chicken murgh korma and cod ja pai, 


 also there were a number of other dishes to accompany our main course, 

 for dessert Atul's tropical trifle for Diana with mango, coconut and passion fruit,

 for myself rhubarb souffle with pistachio crumble topping, 

 to finish the meal some complimentary morsels,  

 a stroll on the deck, 

 before the show,

 as the sun went down,

 we stopped at one of the smaller bars,

 to catch one of the shows,

 then to the Red Bar,

 and on to the main show, 

where the Headliners Theater Company,

 was presenting,

 Reel to Reel,

 each sketch of music and song,

 celebrated popular films,

 and stage shows from,

 times in the past,

this one Diamonds Are Forever from the Bond movies,

 the changes of costume,

 so fast,

 this particular sketch,

 was so colorful,

 and vibrant, 

 a couple of solo songs,

 and the show,

 was sadly over,

 the Mater of Ceremonies came on stage and bid us all goodnight and happy dreams, and gave us information as to which bars were still open,

 we made our way on deck for a moonlight midnight stroll,

 and called back into the Red Bar,

 thinking of James Bond Diana ordered a shaken cocktail, 

 expertly poured,

 a rarity for Diana as she tries an alcoholic drink,

 we looked down on to the dance floor,

 as couples take to the last waltz,

 Bond, James Bond? no Stan Kemp 003.5!

and the beautiful Diana, nearly our last night, the days have flown past so fast, with that we were off to bed.

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