Friday, 10 June 2016

Our Last Night Aboard,

we spent the day by the pool,

and spent some of the day looking for whales, we were lucky to see 3 or 4 whales breaking the surface, Diana luckier than myself as she saw some dolphins as well,

as we are all leaving in the morning cases were put outside ready for tomorrows disembarkation,

but for tonight we were our for our last evening of the cruises meal, 

a walk along the outside deck,

and we were into the Epicurean, a bloody Mary on a stick for Diana, some melon for myself, both complimentary,

we both decided on the same first courses as the last time we had an evening meal here, a Devon dressed crab for Diana, two types of smoked salmon, one just smoked the other matured in 21 year old whiskey for myself,

we booked ahead and had a window table,


on to our main courses,

for Diana, poached lobster tail and glazed pavé of boneless beef short rib sour cream crushed new potatoes and a melting cheese lollipop,

for myself, double Gloucester Old Spot pork fillet and honey gazed pork belly seared scallop, chicken skin tuile, crackling crum and a perry cider Jus,

 then a complimentary dish, a lightly fried egg on a slate, but was really a scoop of mango on thicken coconut juice, delicious!

we were full so a break before our dessert, black forest popping candy torte Dorset cherry ice cream and a shot of New York cream soda for Diana,

for myself,

Crêpe Suzette Flambé


a pre-show drink,

we then took a walk on the deck, and were amazed as it was so foggy outside,

the ships foghorn sounding every 2 minuets,

next inside for tonight's show starring John Martin,the comedian we had seen before who was so good the first time round ,

the compare introduced him,

and we were treated to nonstop humor as before, we laughed till we cried!

after the show we took another walk,

looking at the moon,

and taking a few pictures,

as we went,

most of the mist or fog having now disappeared,

another cocktail for Diana,

a medicinal red wine for myself,

then for us we made our way through the atrium,

and then we were off to bed.

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