Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Glass Art,

with a difference,

 you can play with it yourself! German glass artist Heike Brachlow finds inspiration in architecture and geometry, creating cast glass sculptures that rely heavily on their shape, She discovered her love for glass while working as a glassblower in a small studio in Rotorua, New Zealand,

  I like the pieces that seem to be impossibly balance as they subtly curve upwards, individual cubes coloured with the same mixture of oxides at increasing amounts, Her pink work above contains neodymium oxide which causes it to change colour in different lights, shifting from a pink to green hue depending on which light the glass sculpture is displayed under, in addition to having disparate colour properties, 

 many of the pieces can be taken apart and rearranged, inviting her audience to create unique stacks of their own, and perhaps mix-up the provided gradient,

  She received her BA from the University of Wolverhampton and MA and PhD from the Royal College of Art in London and regularly teaches glass blowing classes at the Corning Museum of Glass and other institutions, 

You can find her work in the collections of the Glasmuseum Hentrich in Dusseldorf, Germany, Glasmuseum alter Hof Herding in Coesfeld, Germany, the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington and more, there is more to glass than just blowing a bottle!

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