Tuesday, 1 August 2017

I Am Not Quite Sure,

how I got onto this subject, 

it is about a forward thinking inventor who decided a great way to travel was to put an aeroplane engine on top of a train, called the Aerowagon, it was the invention of Valerian Ivanovich Abakovsky  the high-speed Aerowagon train engine was designed to carry Soviet officials to and from Moscow, on July 24th 1921 Abakovsky's invention worked fine on the outgoing leg of the test run but crashed during its return to the capital city, killing 6 of the 22 people on-board, including Abakovsky,

although just twenty-five years old, Abakovsky possessed the type of radical forward-thinking which the Bolsheviks admired, unfortunately, Abakovsky's inexperience showed through in the Aerowagon's design, by all accounts the vehicle was loud, unstable, and frightening, all six passengers were buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis, marking the last mass burial to take place there, today, Abakovsky and his Aerowagon are mere footnotes in history, but the young Latvian-born communist did obtain one unusual place in history,  as one of a handful of inventors who were killed by their own inventions, Abakovsky was just 26 years old, when he died, and that got me thinking, no not his age, but how many other inventors have been killed by their own inventions?

so grab a cup of coffee and have a look and read here about 19 other inventors whose inventions got away from them and killed the inventor.

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