Saturday, 5 August 2017

Today We Decided To Call Into Harbor,

it is a newly completed complex,

next to Foodland on Pattaya Central Road,

 inside as you might expect it was clean and bright,

 looking up with seemingly endless escalators and floors,

 the place is aimed I am guessing at families with kids, as there is no end to the attractions for the little ankle bitters,

 there is a huge roller skating area,

 and a ice rink,

 we were on the 6th floor, 

 so we had a good view of Pattaya, 


 Diana's favourite, a KFC, 

 the last time we were in TukCom I was surprised at the number of stalls that had disappeared, and wonder where they had relocated, well now I know, they are all here, some of the ones I remembered not seeing at TukCom were IT, Tiger, @nine and many more have all relocated here in Harbor,

 well after the KFC it just had to be a Dariy Queen to round of the breakfast,

 after looking around the shops we were back on the motorcycle,

 for a short trip over the road to a garden centre,

 it has been here for many years,

 but has recently been refurbished,

 whereas before the place was decidedly run down, now pathways have been laid down and new eating and seating areas made, 

 and the plants nicely laid out,

a real improvement over how it was,

 and I naturally had to take a closeup of an orchid, 

 and there were many to chose from,

 this area devoted to them,

 there were a number of areas you could sit and have a snack or coffee in, 

 it all seemed so peaceful but you were just meters from a busy road,

 I decided to have a look at the rear of the centre,

 where it opens up and larger plants are kept,

 and was stalked by the local cat,

 who wanted to show me,

 one of her kittens,

 who had just woken up,

I made my way back past the dinning area,

 and on to the pavement where,

 I took another couple of pictures of the roadside display, 

 we watched some television in the afternoon, before our next stop, the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 lots of stalls,

 selling food where the motorcycle park is,

 and a few more on the road leading to it,

 one of the mobile ice cream sellers walked past,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 a bit cloudy,

 the same looking past the 3BB office inland,

 back pack prices have fallen, now only 150 baht,

 one of the mobile fruit sellers,

 I thought these T shirts were rather neat,

 in the way that the legs of the dinosaur are longer than the shirt,

 the sock stall as colourful as always,

 at the end of the aisle this stall used to sell pets,

 but has now moved into cuddly toys,

 opposite the bar tonight a stall to raise money for people affected by the flooding in the north of the country, the other selling shoes,

 I walked downhill, past the fruit stall,

 and came to the end of the steelworks,

 this the tenth pillar, with the roof of this section almost completed,

 not many customers in the pet section,

this was new for this week,  

 a fish manicure station, which it seems are not without a little controversy

 I bought the cats weekly supply of food,

 and made my way to where I normally take a picture of sunset over the market, but that viewing point has been lost forever as there is now a roof where last week there was sky,

 so I walked back to the pet section and took a picture there,

 work has come on a pace since last week,

 most of the lower end of the market now completed,

 we meet up with Jim and Cher at the bar,

 and watched the night creep towards us,

 we then spotted this slightly modified dog walk past with it's owner, with a pink tail it will certainly stand out from the rest of the pack! 

 as it got darker,

 we made a move to the Punch and Judy for our evening meal,

 fish and chips for Cher,

 spaghetti for Diana,

a chicken dish for Jim,

 a chicken and mushroom pie for myself, we chatted the evening away and after saying our farewells made a move for home, after watching a couple of quiz shows for us we were off to bed.

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