Wednesday, 9 August 2017

We Have Fed The Feral Kittens Outside,

for some time now,

 and whilst 4 of the 5 are putting on weight, one is getting thinner and was starting to have difficulty breathing, so off to the veterinary surgery I went, the whole place has had a complete make over since my last visit, a new information desk,

 a new waiting area,

 with a superb marine aquarium,

 and a coffee bar,

 where I had an ice latte coffee, 

 and admired the aquarium, then the bad news, it seems that the kitten was born with a number of health defects and had also been in an accident, I had paid for an X-Ray,

and this is it, the reason she is getting thinner and is having difficultly breathing is that her kidneys, liver and stomach have been pushed into her lung cavity, making it difficult for her to breath and digest food, the good news is that she is not in any pain, the bad news is that there is no remedy, the veterinarian said she would only have a very small chance of surviving any remedial operation, and if she did so would not make it through to recovery, at well less than 1 kilo she is literally skin, bone and fur,

so we did the best we could and on arriving home let her out with her much larger brothers and sisters, she stayed clear of me for the rest of the day, but did eat when Diana went outside to feed the kittens in the evening,

 if you need a good veterinarian this is the one we use,

just a few hundred yards across the railway tracks on the darkside on Soi Nuern Plub Warn, 

 arriving home the internet bill had arrived,

so off to Thepprasit Road, to the 3BB office at the side of it where the weekend night market is held, after our evening meal it was feet up for some game shows, Bargain Hunt and Tipping Point for this evening, then back to Suits, for more legal adventures, we had an early night at 11.30 it was lights out and we were off to bed.


Daryle said...


Try feeding the her wet high protein food like Tuna or Sardinia (can food) and raw chicken, minced with vegetables. Such food is easy to absorb in small amounts. It should put some muscle on her and overcome the fillers found in most commercial products.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Daryle, many thanks for your information, Diana is getting on well with the thin kitten and has already bought, wait for it 4 cases of sardines the last time we went to Makro! and I have also noticed when we go to Friendship we are now buying 4 or 6 cans of tuna every trip where as before last month we only bought 4 tins every other visit, but we have not tried raw chicken so I will mention this to Diana this morning, as it happens we are having a chicken casserole this evening when we return from the market so we already have chicken, best regards, Stan and Diana.