Thursday, 7 December 2017

It Looked Familiar,

but it was not,

 over the years I have seen many engine/frame combinations used to produce a 'special' for instance a Triton, Triumph engine in a Norton frame, or a Norvin, a Norton Frame with a Vincent engine, but here is one combination I have never seen before, a Triumph engine with Honda parts,

 it is the brainchild from Malaysia’s Kerkus Motorworks, Kerkus half owner, Azaha comments about the motorcycle, “We’re planning a cafe racer conversion kit, focusing on the Triumph Bonneville, We will also launch our official website, where people can buy new Kerkus parts and apparel directly from us”,

 the bike first appeared a few months ago at Malaysia’s Art of Speed Show, the donor was one of the last of a breed, an air-cool 2015 Triumph Bonneville EFI breed to be specific and a Honda Comstar “It was actually a build commissioned by Triumph Malaysia that was to promote the brand at this year’s Art of Speed show,” says Aza, “Actually, we only had around 1 month to finish the bike,” continues Aza, “Right after we got the bike, we immediately started doing many sketches on what the finished product could look like. But we had to remember not to overdo it, as part of the deal with Triumph Malaysia was to make the completed bike sell-able, in fact, we managed to sell it right after the show, choosing the right color was very hard,” says Aza in closing, 

“Me and my partner Raveen had many rounds of discussions on exactly what the tank would look like, in the end, we agreed with what you see here, We both think that the monochrome scheme is the right way to go, as it’s clean, minimal and it can blend in perfectly to almost any situation” you can follow the company on its Facebook and Instagram pages, photos by Rafique Muzhaffar, and no I am not on commission, I just thought with the Comstar wheels and other Honda bits it looked very nice in deed, especially the color scheme, or lack of it, would I like one? Yes please!

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