Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Off To Do Some Shopping,

first stop Friendship,

 where this motorcycle/scooter was here again,

 I liked the attention to detail, right down to the matching wheels,

 work is continuing on the building,

 the front nearly finished, all of the steps have been renovated,

 after shopping we stopped off at the coffee stall for a take home ice tea and coffee, the Deli Dinner in the distance,

 I dropped Diana off at home and then made my way to one of the local builders merchants, Diana was nearly out of primer, 

 and I needed a couple of washers, the top two parts of the cat tower had come adrift, the Allen bolt holding each of them on had worn through the material the top parts was made of,

 washer in place,

 the tops just needed screwing into place,

 no sooner finished,

  than Mariana was on her way up,

  to survey her domain,

 then it was shampoo time,

 and up to the top again, 

 meanwhile after his shampoo Hogue stayed in the box, Cables turn next week, 

after our evening meal Diana gave the spare room bedside table another coat of white, having finished the dressing table drawers, then feet up for The Chase, a couple from Murdoch Mysteries, on YouTube 3 or 4 from Bargain Hunt, and finally rounding the evening off with Thunderball, and with that we were off to bed.

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