Sunday, 7 January 2018

At First Glance,

I thought of building blocks,

 like for instance Lego,

 but then realized they would not lock together,

 so what were these staircase looking blocks for? 

well of course the question is easy,

 if you know the answer, 

they are chocolates! Universal Favourite takes the visual element to another level with their modular Complements chocolate, the Australian design studio created the project as a client gift and developed it into a collaboration with sweets experts Bakedown Cakery, each modular staircase-shaped chocolate (blackcurrant, cherry, cookies and cream, fairy floss, lemon, matcha, pistachio, shortbread, single origin dark, strawberry, vanilla, and watermelon) fits together with a complementary flavor to form a very visually appealing cube, Bakedown also shares their handiwork on Instagram, as does Universal Favourite, and there was me thinking the blocks were made of plastic!

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