Wednesday, 3 January 2018

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as I have a 08.00 appointment at the hospital,

 Diana decide that Cable needed a shampoo,

 so that was that,

 much to the amusement of Mariana, 

 we went into town, parking opposite The Grand Day/Night Hotel,

 and made our way to Pattaya Tai,

 and took a look at the new McDonald's on the corner of TukCom,

 we both made our own ways into Soi Bukaow,

 to the market,

 I went past the cooked foods,

 and fresh fruits,

 next to which I noticed a new stall,

 selling artificial potted plants,

 I went past a few more stalls,

 this one selling many different varieties of bananas,

 like this one, 

 back to stalls selling artificial flowers,

 in all manner of shapes,

 and colors, 

 lots of them,

 the inside market aquatic stall was here, 

 with more flowers next to it,

 and for the first time that I have seen it, an under canvas beauty saloon,

 and some hair decorations next to it,

a favorite stall, if you like garlic and peppers,

then I notice one of Diana's favorite snacks,

 I am not sure what they are but at 20 baht each or 3 for 50 baht I bought 3, 

 a quick look at the livestock stall, 

 and I was off, Diana would meet me later at home,

after our evening meal we watched a few quiz shows, then rounded off the evening with another few episodes of Peaky Blinders, which just gets better and better,

and at midnight I just had to pop out to take one more picture of the moon, and with that we were off to bed.

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