Tuesday, 2 January 2018

This Is A New One On Me,

painting on industrial strength cellophane film,

Russian graffiti artist Evgeny Ches discovered other artists doing a new urban art form called "cellograffiti," in which the subject is painted on industrial-strength cellophane stretched between two poles or columns, part of the art is transparent, and the finished product doesn't affect anyone's walls,

Ches took the idea a step further,

 "I started to do Cellograffiti in the nature. First I did fonts compositions and then I began to do experiments with animals. The mix of natural colors with its pure beauty and graffiti works looks amazing! (And of course I remove cellophane after few days into the trash) Creating art on cellophane is a very interesting innovation which allows you to paint in the most unique places and generate picturesque photos", 

so if you go down to the woods today, lookout for giant squirrels, polar bears, and dinosaurs, 

and trees that look like this! for some more from Ches have a look here,

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