Monday, 8 January 2018

This Will Be Our Last Post For The Next 2 Months Or So,

the reason being,

we are going to have a holiday in England, Scotland and visit some countries in Europe, which is why Diana's parents have popped over here to look after our cats, fish and birds, so on to today, 

 we were off for Sunday lunch,

 to the Punch and Judy, where we bumped into Chuck who we had not seen for many years,

Diana and her Mum and Dad,

shared some spring rolls,

 a prawn cocktail for myself,

 and Mr. Tony went for the pate,

 next the main courses, 

 an Italian dish for mum,

which she really enjoyed,

 cottage pie for Mr. Tony, 

 chicken Kiev for Dad, 

 a trio of meats as a Sunday roast for Diana,

which looked delicious,

and was, like my lamb roast, we then made a move for home where it was feet up for a few episodes of Peaky Blinders which Mr. Tony had not seen before, then after saying our goodbyes we watched a few episodes of Plane Earth II and with that we were off to bed, but please remember, in 10 weeks time or so please call back for our European adventure, best regards, Stan and Diana.

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