Sunday, 7 January 2018

I Have Bought,

one bad apple product in my life,

and the experience with it made me vow to never, ever, under any circumstances, buy another bad apple product, so I had to laugh when I read that Yisroel Brody on Friday filed at least the 24th class action complaint against Apple in a New York district court, and I have just heard of another one, as I write this just 11 hours ago, so I just had to post the cartoon above, from Don't Hit Save, so funny but so true, and in case you are wondering bad apple really do pay their factory workers a monthly wage of $286 for 60 hrs/week, think on that the next time you by a bad apple product, and if you do buy one, I would like to see you on the same pay scale!
and keeping to a computer theme, this from the same website, it sort of tells you a lot about people, what was that? how on earth could his decision to sell before the news was made public be called insider trading? shame on you for thinking it!

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