Friday, 5 January 2018

First Thing,

Diana and myself were off to immigration,

in Soi 5 Jomtien, we had to register Diana's parents on a TM 30 form, basically if you own or rent a property and some one comes to stay with you, their visit must be recorded with immigration,

it was busy,

 but at least fresh fruit drinks were available opposite the immigration office entrance as well as the cafe by the side of it,

 which was just as well as the queue to get inside the office was into the car park, several minuets later we had our number, just 48 people in front of us waiting to register, 

 it was finally our turn at 11.30, so after the TM 30 slips were stapled into their passports, 

 we decided to have a coffee, 


 arriving home we changed from the motorcycle to the truck,

 and went out for lunch on Jomtien Beach Road,

 we sat at the front of the restaurant and watched as people passed by,

 Diana ordered prawn with vegetables,

  and chicken sweet and sour,

 and for myself,

 yellow curry chicken, we all had a dish of boiled rice each,

 Diana's Mum,

 the next part of the order arrived,

 a fish on a skillet with charcoal underneath to keep it bubbling away,

 which Dad really enjoyed, 

 so time to eat,

 we then made a move to Buddha hill,

 so that Diana could take a few pictures,

 of Mum and Dad,

 it was crowded as it is the high season,

 Diana had the camera I normally use, I was playing with the twin camera setup, one a normal camera, the other that had been converted to infrared,

 Diana was snapping away, 

 as Mum posed,

 with some of the many deities,

 at the complex,

 and admired the view,

 looking out to sea, 

 there are many artifacts here,

 and so close to Pattaya itself,

 I was still playing, 

 at not looking like a tourist, 

 soon it was time to go, 

 so we made our way downhill,

 to a garden area,

 with pools, 

 and walks,

 Dad made friends with one of the local strays, 

 we then went to the radio station on the top of the hill, 

 I dropped all three of them off,

 as there was nowhere to park, I stayed with the truck at the bottom of the hill,


 the family admired the view,

 and had a few,

pictures taken, arriving home after our evening meal, we watched some television, a couple of game shows, then Diana's Mum and Dad had an early night whilst we watched another few of Peaky Blinders, and with the midnight hour approaching, we were off to bed.

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