Wednesday, 5 December 2018

A Different Take,

on some parts of the world,

 the project Water.Shapes.Earth uses aerial photography and storytelling to bring an understanding to the complex and diverse ways water inhabits our planet, 

 from a radioactive water pond in Huelva, Spain, 

  to mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan,

 the images provide an abstract look at Earth’s surface, presenting purple-hued veins of a divergent river or an icy body of emerald water laced with severe cracks and splinters in its surface,

 stories accompany the many images, which bring attention to how each might be a sign of climate change, and to highlight our own destructive mark on our environment,

 some of these photographs look almost like they could have been taken using a microscope,

 or the abstract patterns from an artists palette,

You can read about a salty marsh in Spain or glacial river tributaries in Iceland on Water.Shapes.Earth’s website, what a fascinating series of photographs, if only I had the money to hire an aircraft, what an amazing new look at the world I would have.

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