Thursday, 6 December 2018

It Is Strange How Things Happen,

for months we have not posted about,

 hand drawn architectural drawings, then yesterday we made a post about one,

 and today found these by architecture student Adelina Gareeva, who amazingly drafts her work by hand,

 she creates extremely detailed architectural portraits by putting pencil to paper rather than stylus to tablet,

 drawings she’s completed are of the Panthéon in Paris, Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kazan, the multi-spired Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, and more,

 in addition to her lengthy drawings of famous landmarks and imaginative concepts, she also shares quick sketches that she creates while traveling,

 these come straight from the Kazan-based architect’s sketchbook,
 and are often much more gestural presentations of the historic buildings she observes,

 Gareeva is currently studying at the Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering,

and has created an Instagram account for her sketches, so much talent, absolutely amazing.

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