Monday, 31 August 2015

The Week Has Flown Past,

and it is Sunday already,

 Mr. Tony called round and we were off to Soi Lengkee,

 and parked the car, the new building on Third Road,

 almost looking like it is finished,

 we crossed over Soi Bukaow, 

a look along Soi Bukaow,

  and into Soi Diana, a new building, 

 behind the block that houses The Robin's Nest, which was where we are going, the new skyscraper is still a work in progress,

 and here we are,

 a fruit seller makes a sale next door,

 Diana decided on a club sandwich,

 this one the chicken and bacon option,

 meanwhile after a pea and ham soup the three of us, today we were joined by Slim Jim, went to the carvery,

 one of the chefs topping up a dish or two,

 and a good selection to chose from,

 the meat selection, there is also a choice of mini pigs in blankets,

 so eyes down and tuck in,


 dessert next,

 a blueberry shake for Diana,

 ice cream for the rest of us which is included in the 3 course 279 baht Sunday Carvery,

 and to round off the meal a latte coffee,

 and nice it was too, 

 after saying our farewells to Slim Jim we made our way back to the car,

 passing a number of other mobile and some permanent food stalls,

 over Soi Bukaow,

 and now driving towards the new block on Third Road made our way home, we watched a film in the late afternoon, 

 the Red Balloon, strangely enough the film was about a red balloon that had a life of it's own and almost behaved as a pet to the boy, the star of the movie Pascal Lamorisse, who is the son of the director, Albert Lamorisse, shot in 1956 it shows views of Paris now no longer seen, a nice easy going family movie,

after thanking and saying our Goodbyes to Mr. Tony we watched Man of Steel, another take on the Superman legend, great action and special effects,

we rounded the evening off with one more from Foyle's War, this one titled All Clear

 I then went outside to lock the front gate where I noticed in the sky there was a halo moon, I have to say my monitor needs replacing, 

so I can not see how clear the ring around the moon is, but here is a description of what causes it and with that we were off to bed.

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