Saturday, 30 April 2016

We Popped Round To See Steve's Mum,

who has beautiful garden,

 Diana posed by the camellias,

 and in the back garden by the daffodils and cherry tree, after a chat and a coffee we made a move to see Carol, Ian and Peter from Preston Smith, who are Independent Financial Advisers that I have known for more years than I care to remember,

 Ian and myself both have common interest, model railways, but whilst mine is a table top one Ian's are a 5" gauge garden railway, his steam engines are being serviced at the moment, but this is fun, this engine using a lawn mower petrol engine to propel it, all of the engines can take children and adults around the garden,
 Ian by the tracks leading into the distance,

 we walked along the tracks past one of the pools,

 where hundreds of tadpoles had hatched,

 by the train tracks looking back to the house,

 the tracks then going into the orchard and joining another circuit,

 a spur going off to the engine sheds,

 this one going past the greenhouses,

we then made a move for lunch to Pierluigi's which was opened in 1994,

 Diana started with a crab dish,

 mussels for myself,

 'Cheers!', from all of us,

on to our main courses, prawns for Ian,

 a steak for myself,

 another quick picture of our happy band with our main courses, the menu here is impressive, plus they always have a number of specials for the day,

 then back to Steve and Kai's home, where Steve was preparing our evening meal, a massaman curry,

we also had two tilapias, one grilled the other fried,


for dessert Cornish ice cream with a huge apple pie,

served by Kai,

which was delicious, then feet up to watch No Escape, a gripping story about an Asian country that starts to kill off its tourist and foreign workers, next a chat and a couple of nightcaps and we were all off to bed.

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