Thursday, 3 August 2017

As Arranged,

Arry called round with two of his sons,

 during the day,

 Diana and myself had been pilling, 

 all of the bits and pieces that we had accumulated over the years that were no longer needed or wanted in the front yard,

 and upstairs was no better,

 lots of furniture that has seen better days, plus lots of plastic tables and chairs that were now rotting, the plastic turning to powder,

 and in the bedroom, 

 a wardrobe that was severely flood damaged and was collapsing, it took some time to load the van, but it was finished by late afternoon,

 then for us glad rags on, 

 we were off to Siam@Siam,

 to the 6th floor,

where the Big Fish restaurant is located,

 we decided on the buffet, I had a quick look around,



 a selection of chicken, steak, pork and lamb all waiting to be grilled,

 one of the chefs topping up the seafood section,

 which had sea bass, salmon, squid, rock lobsters and river prawns to chose from and on another bed of ice oysters, mussels and crabs,

 cheese filled sausages,

 there was also a selection of heated dishes,

 to chose from,

and a selection of cheese and cold cuts,

 also in the refrigerated section a selection of fresh fruits,

 on to our meal, Diana chose a mango shake and a selection of pizzas for her starter,

 some sushi for myself,

 and naturally a medicinal red wine,

 Diana's second starter,

 and mine, 

 cold cuts and cheese, with a bread roll,

 Diana then fancied something sweet, so she chose a couple of desserts,

 for my main course,

 a couple of lamb chops,

 a romantic candlelit dinner for two,

 next Diana's main course,

and mine, salmon, rock lobsters, prawns and a couple of mussels,

all you have to do is attached a peg to your plate which has your table number on it, the food is cooked and then brought to your table,

and here it is, 'Cheers!',

we then had a couple of individual dishes,

we then made our way to the main dessert section,

 where there was a huge selection to chose from,

 lots of cakes and so many individual ones too, 

 by this time the candle was burning low, we always take our time over meals,

 we just had to go back for a few more,

a crepe for Diana,

with a crème brûlée,

 what a hansom devil some would say, others would tell the truth!

 a last 'Cheers!'s of the evening, 

we called a Grab taxi and made a move for home, what a lovely meal, for Diana with no alcohol the meal was 700 baht plus soft drinks, for myself with free flow wine 990 baht, I should point out that at 6.30 when we arrived the place was packed, so reserve a table the day before if you are arriving at that sort of time, +66 (0) 38 930 600, but by 7.30 - 8.00 there was plenty of room,

arriving home it was feet up for a couple from Suits, then for us, we were off to bed.

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