Friday, 4 August 2017

At First Glance,

these two flowers,

 in a vase seem nothing out of the ordinary,

 the same as these two,

 random collections of flowers.

 and hand held daisy's, but they all have one thing in common, they were all hand made!

and you too can make them, they were made by San Francisco-based artist Tiffanie Turner who has used a number of  techniques to craft incredibly lifelike flowers from everyday materials, and here is the good news, She is going to share her secrets, of making these beautiful flowers with you,

her debut book, The Fine Art of Paper Flowers will be published on August 22nd, and in her comprehensive photo-filled 254-page book, She starts from the ground up, detailing materials and basic techniques, doling out dye recipes, and offering species-specific construction guides for leaves, stems, and buds, and no I am not on commission, I just thought that the flowers looked so incredibly lifelike, you can see more of her work here, and on Instagram.

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