Friday, 4 August 2017

How To 'Hypnotise' Pigeons,

into not returning to their roost,

the Nossa Senhora da Consolação church, in downtown Sao Paolo, Brazil, had a serious pigeon problem, scores of birds would fly in and make a terrible mess, something had top be done, but what ever it was it had to be humane,

an answer was found by Protec, the company that finally made the Brazilian church a pigeon-free area, about a month ago, what they did was install a series of plastic panels with coloured bulls-eyes painted on them, in every doorway and window of the church, the concentric design apparently makes pigeons dizzy and nauseous, causing them to turn away, over time, they just learn to avoid the place completely, believe it or not, the coloured panels did the trick, “The pigeons were breeding and making a lot of noise during mass, but the technique was 100% successful and no pigeons ever enter the church now,” Father José Roberto Pereira told BBC Brazil, having said hypnotise perhaps I should have used the word scared, but in any event what a neat and humane trick to solve a messy problem.

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