Friday, 4 August 2017

I Had Always Thought,

if you are going to get a tattoo, 

 get a good one from a tattoo artist, but there seems to be an exception to this, 26-year-old Helena Fernandes admits she is not an artist, but it did not stop her boyfriend from having her tattoo him, and because it was so different other friends asked to be tattooed by her, She bought her own tattooing kit on the internet, and due to the high cost of materials, she started charging for tattoos, investing all the proceeds into better quality supplies,

  She started working as a professional tattoo artist in March, inking people at a studio she set up at her home, she makes her own designs and does not copy other peoples, there are no retries, no touch-ups, just childish doodling that eventually turns into a permanent tattoo, 

“People are coming to me just because they want something done in my personal style, because if they wanted something super well done, they would look for another tattoo artist. Quality is not my forte,” Helen told UOL,

 “I created my Instagram with the name of Malfeitona precisely because the drawings are bad. I have so many friends who draw so well that I purposely chose that name to make it clear that I am not good, I am explaining that I am aware that my work is bad, but since people think it’s funny, they keep asking me to do it.” Well full marks for being bad at something and making it pay!

and here you can see her at work.

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