Tuesday, 8 August 2017


a word that sounds almost sinister,

 but when I use it in this post I do not mean it in a nasty way, just that some people have so much talent that I envy them, in the nicest possible way, like for instance Moscow-based illustrator Elena Limkina

She fills the pages of her sketchbooks with detailed Baroque-inspired drawings of architectural elements, anatomical studies, and flowing calligraphy, 

  She refers to the books as her “artist’s diary” and indeed each page is practically an artwork itself, 

 Limkina works primarily as a watercolour artist and creates concepts for brands, interior designers, and magazines, but also sells prints in her online shop, and no I am not on commission, I just feel so envious when I see some one so talented, 

You can follow more of her work on Instagram and Behance, when it came to drawing like this I am sure there was no one behind me in the queue when this talent was handed out!

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