Saturday, 1 December 2018

For The Past Eighty Years,

the company, 

 LEGO, has made small stackable bricks for kids, from one generation to the next they use the brightly-colored blocks to build forts, towers, and other imaginative structures big and small,

 but  that is about to change,

 LEGO has realised there is a huge untapped market out there, us! adults,

the toy company aims to enlarge it's customer base by selling to adults, with this new line of interactive objects aimed at us, LEGO FORMA doesn’t contain any bricks, but rather gears, rods, and customizable skins which assemble to create your own moveable koi fish or shark.

 the completely new format is designed to be a relaxing, creative challenge that satisfy the human desire to build something with our hands, each piece takes a few hours to assemble in full, 

LEGO just wrapped up a campaign to judge feedback on the new line on Indiegogom, You can read more about the LEGO FORMA pilot program on their website, so am I moved to buy one? well not really, but I guess there will be many that go for this new adult executive toy.

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