Saturday, 1 December 2018

Now That Winter Evenings Are Here,

here is a great way to make the time fly by,

 an infinity jig-saw,

 we have featured similar jigsaws a couple of times, here,

 and here,

the company that makes them is called Nervous System, who individually prints and laser cuts each puzzle on birch plywood in their Somerville workshop, 

 the Infinite Earth puzzle includes 442 pieces, and the Infinite Moon has 186,

 each can be rearranged in virtually an unlimited number of times, 

the math behind the magic is an icosahedral map projection, which applies the topology of a sphere without the traditional boundaries, You can learn more of the math behind the transposition from sphere to puzzle on Nervous System’s blog, and no I am not on commis, wait a second, I do not have to say that anymore, I just like them.

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