Saturday, 1 December 2018

We Had Some Papers To Post,

to the Philippines,

 so into the hall,

 clothes for cold weather on,

 and we were off through the leaves,

 we took a bus to Elmers End and then with some difficulty, (that means we could not find it and in doing so walked miles), eventually found the DHL agent, so papers sent and home we went, 

 but on the way all of that walking, 

 had made us both thirsty,

 so a pint or two,

 was the order of the day,

 the pub we went to was O'Neill's an Irish themed pub,

 and it was all OK,

 we are now receiving lots of channels on the small television, but the cabinet had not arrived until today, the company will be calling round next week to assemble it, so for the meantime we have had to improvise to raise the television off of the floor, 

which means Diana has now seen her surprise Christmas present, the result is that I will have to look for anther one, after our evening meal we watched some game shows, a few Antiques Road Trips, a couple from Poirot and then we were off to bed.

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