Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Keeping To An Art Theme,

here is some street,

 or do I mean building art?

 from Tamara Djurovic, who goes by the artist name Hyuro, and is wrapping up 2018 as arguably her most prolific year,

 She has painted murals everywhere from Brazil, Italy, and Spain to Belgium and The Netherlands,

 growing up in Argentina, Hyuro was attracted to murals at a young age, Buenos Aires has a long tradition of culture surrounding public space, and murals have always been an essential element of the city,

spending long stretches alone on a cherry picker or scaffold, it’s the challenge of completing the work that is the most important drive for her, along with the satisfying tiredness that comes after the completion of the work, for more huge and stunning photographs of her work, have a look on Facebook and Instagram, as I mentioned in the previous post, just where do artists like these get their talent from? and why was I not nearer the front of the queue!

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