Tuesday, 4 December 2018

We Decided On A Trip,

to buy a few planters and a couple of plants,

 so a walk to the station it was then,

 a train to Orpington, then a taxi to the nursery, which sounds extravagant, but we did not have a bus card for Sevenoaks buses, £5.00 each to buy a card, put say £6.00 on each card as we did not know the fare, or £11.00 each way by taxi, as we doubt if we will be needed Sevenoaks buses again we went with the taxi, and above is where we started our visit to Pole Hill Garden Centre,

 the seafood caravan,

 Diana was not sure what to have,

 decision made,

 crayfish tails for Diana, 

 no prizes for guessing what I was having, whelks.

 retreat to the far end of the awning, it was more than a little windy and raining,

 then into the center,

 the first thing I saw caught my eye, 

 poinsettias, at Christmas almost everywhere you go you can see these seasonal plants, but this is the first time I can recollect seeing them in a creamy white,

 or bi-colored,

 a quick look at a few garden ornaments,

 'whose a pretty boy?'

and one every garden should have, well maybe not,

but these tin plate ornaments seem to be quite popular, I remember seeing some tin plate birds the last time we went to Kew in the garden shop,

 into the plant section, 

 lots of cyclamen, just like ours, but a tad more expensive than we paid in Surrey Street market,

 this is the place for Christmas trees, the number of trees and selection of species was huge, but alas the two thing we came for were not here, we wanted a couple of indoor window still troughs and a couple of small orchids, but no troughs and hardly any orchids, in fact our local Marks and Spencer had a better selection, so when we arrived back in Beckenham we walked there to buy a couple, but one thing we did buy at Pole Hill was three small pots with three hyacinth bulbs in each pot, 

guess what we forgot yesterday? to open our advent calendar, so after our evening meal 2 chocolates today, we then had an evening of comedy, starting with Dad's Army, a semi documentary of Morecombe and Wise, Mrs. Brown's Boys Nativity show, and to round the evening off, on a slightly more serious note, New Tricks, and with that we were off to bed.

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