Monday, 25 January 2016

Day 11

another beautiful day,

but one tinged with sadness,

we wanted to try to recover the money we had been cheated out of, but to do this Diana has to give Donna a legal document to allow Donna to pursue the claim,

so the whole family are leaving a day early to see the lawyer to draw up the papers,

so that left, Steve, Kai and myself, we decided to hire a taxi,

and head into town,

 there is a courtesy bus service from the resort that arrives here,

but we had just missed it and did not want to wait an hour for the next one, we started our walk in town taking a few pictures as we went,

this tree root lifting the pavement where it is growing,

a Jollibee, Diana's favorite,

we decided to call into Harbour Point,

it is a large shopping mall,

the good news was that photography was allowed,

so picture taking I went,

some of the stalls a kaleidoscope of colors,

in this area surprisingly few people about,

great way to keep the kids amused whilst Mums and Dads shop,

Steve and Kai on a shopping quest for a few items to take home,

I then noticed these strange looking fruits that I had never seen in Thailand,

they are in fact guyabano, the fruit, leaves, stem and bark is a natural cancer cell killer, it is claimed that it has over 10,000 times the potency of Adriamycin, which is a medication used in cancer chemotherapy,

we continued our look around,

a toy shop, my favorite,

we then wandered into the food mall,

so many to chose from,

we were spoilt for choice,

but one stood out above the rest,

the cake shop, so coffee and cakes all round,

we made our way back to the hotel,

passing another Jollibee,

and a ship unloading itself,

across the bay a nice yacht, I dread to think how much to fill it up at the pumps!

we then drove past a huge second hand construction equipment auction yard,

there was all manner,

of construction vehicles up for grabs,

plus buses,

row after row of JCBs as we call them in the UK or back hoes in Thailand,

concrete breakers, the list goes on,

some of the machinery looking brand new,

we went past the airport,

the rest of the day we spent on the beach, then for a number of times we watched jet fighters perform a 'touch and go' they land on the runway for a few seconds then power up to take off again without actually stopping,

in the evening a dinner for three,

with white wine for a change, then for us we were off to bed.

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