Monday, 25 January 2016

Day 12

for the three of us,

our last look at the beach,

we were driving to Diana's home to pick her up and then on to the airport,

everyone that was home came out to wish us a safe trip,

Dioshane and cousin Irish was in charge of the store till midday when her college starts,

Steve and myself decided to stretch our legs and have a look around,

not perhaps the best place to have a snooze,

this is the tricycle rank near the school where Dad works from,

we made our way back and we were on our way,

3 hours later we were still stuck in Manila's traffic,

but we eventually made,

all set and ready to go,

we passed the duty frees,

with all of their goods,

and the floral display,

our airplane was waiting,

once boarded we were in a stack, 

so we watched other planes taking off and landing,

we turned at the end of the runway,




and away,

we forgot the selfie stick,

but I did have my Kindle,

after an hour or so,

our meal arrived, fish for Diana,

beef curry for myself,


the flight takes just on 3 hours from Manila to Bangkok,

soon we were making our final approach,

and we were home,

now I know this is a terrible picture but I had to put it on the blog, what is it? a disco baht bus, it must have been travelling at over 70 KPH but there were people dancing for all their worth inside and on the rear platform and boy was it loud!

we called in at the Punch and Judy, for some reason we were all so hungry, so hungry in fact I forgot to get out the camera, then for us home and off to bed.

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