Thursday, 21 January 2016

Day 3

Up Early For A Busy Day,

we had breakfast,

then we were off,

hiring a tricycle,

the Philippine equivalent of a motorcycle taxi in Thailand,

we were going to the Lewis Grand to make the final wedding arrangements,

a spectacular Christmas tree in the foyer,

which was big,

and the grand staircase,

all very impressive,

next to the wedding planner, for final tuning and full payment,

that done on our way outside, I just had to look at this Royal Enfield,

and Ducati parked outside,

next stop Diana's parents home, 

for a coffee and a relax,

but not for long as Papa arrived with some of the dresses, in the picture one of Diana's sisters Doishane,

and here she is again ready to go to college,

as Daisy May comes home from her school, 

the suits also arrived,

next into Dad's tricycle,

which is an art form in itself,

if you want to look elegant doing it,

we stopped at a spa, the girls were going to have a spa afternoon on the day before our wedding,

next back to Walking Street,

we were hungry,

so up the street we went,

passing the Royal Amsterdam, where we ate last night,

I guess you would call this a Viking theme bar,

this is where we ended up, Kokomo's,
we sat at the front overlooking the street,

and the bars opposite,

Diana chose a sizzling sisig Filipino dish,

whilst I went with a chilli con carne,

as we were looking at the street, a few mobile sellers were looking at us,

in the past I have felt like the name of this bar a few times in the mornings!

one of the many balloon sellers goes past,

a neat way to decorate the outside of the bar, just throw paint at it!

after our meal we than made a move to the SM shopping mall on the overhead walkway,

mount Pinatubo in the distance,

then down to the mall,

which has a carousel,

and a bungee jump to entertain the kids,

we had some shopping to do,

the main central area,

this large tiger was a bit scary, it had a very mean face and it's eye followed you as you walked past it,

as we made our way back the sun was setting,

and spectacular it looked too,

I had to take a picture of this motorcycle, nothing special but it looked immaculate,

before going to the hotel we stopped off for a drink at Phillies Sports Grill,

which was pleasant inside, but we sat at the font people watching,

after a shower we were out, passing some of the bars and restaurants near our hotel,

we thought about an Indian meal but decided against it,

looking back at our hotel,

we decided to eat here, the Burritos grill and sports bar,

chilled red wine,

fried calamari for Diana,

and a large kebab for myself,

banana split for Diana,

a chocolate ├ęclair for myself,

after our meal we made our way along the street,

the whole area,

looking totally different at night time,

we decided to have one for the road,

and called in at the Grand Central,

for a coffee,

and what a great idea to end the day, with that we were off to bed.

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