Thursday, 28 January 2016

First Thing,

the bugmen arrived,

 so a quick pull of the starting cord,

 and we were in business,

 we had some shopping to do, the wine cellar was running low, so first stop to Makro,

 then to Friendship,

 we also stopped at the rear of TukCom,

 at the coffee stall for a ice coffee and tea,

arriving home I noticed that some of the air plants were flowering,

and one of Diana's stinky cactus,

 had put out a couple of buds,

 this one has never flowered before so it will be interesting to see what the flower looks like,

 shopping put away it was time for our Saturday night bar-b-q,

 not a full moon, that will be on Sunday, but in the early evening it had a strange colour,

 but it was soon back to normal,


 after a garlic bread started we had scallops and bacon in garlic butter, so yummy!

 then light up the barby,

 and on with a baked potato and a pork chop,

 which Diana cooked to perfection,

 we had bought a strawberry tart from Friendship which we shared,

diet starts next week, and there if the problem, over the holiday I have put on 1 kilo, so starting Monday back to my normal routine of exercise every morning 6 days a week and cut back on food, well cut back a little, still it is only 1 kilo, not like someone I know who has put on 4 kilos, that is 10% of her body mass, but I must not mention names, we listen to music for the rest of the evening till just past midnight and with that we were off to bed.

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