Friday, 22 January 2016

Day 5

up for breakfast at the Orchid Resort,

Steve and Kai went for the healthy option of fresh fruit,

not so Diana and myself, we were up early to make sure our clothes fitted,

but Steve was out of luck, his suit needed a few minor adjustments!

so off to the tailors, but first to Diana's parents home,

Steve makes getting out of a tricycle look so easy,

Kai strikes the pose,

as we arrived Sandio was looking after the store,

then back into the tricycles,

to the district where the hire shops are located,

Steve had a look inside,

and a pose outside,

next door was a computer repair shop with work going on in and outside the shop,

Steve and myself had a walk around whilst changes were made,

everywhere we looked there were hire shops,

all featuring a rainbow of colors and styles,

over the road,

more hire shops,

as we went back I took a couple of pictures of Jeepneys

most of which are on fixed routes over the city,


we then decided on a coffee in the SM mall,

I took a few pictures as we went,

of some of the local shops,

as we neared town a horse drawn taxi goes the other way,

I thought this was neat, an electric bike with a kiddie seat on the back, they may be common, but I had never seen one before,

we soon hit the traffic on the main drag,

but we were soon inside, we did go to Jollibee,

but took a walk around,

the girls decided on some popcorn,

whilst the ride returned past us,

nobody wanted a ride on the carousel,

so upstairs we went, to a telephone stall to buy a small mobile so we had a local low call cost telephone,

next a coffee,

and back to the hotel,

but before we went inside a fresh fruit seller walked past so we bought some,

the push cart looked home made, but it was all there, wheels, glass cabinet, storage space under the glass sided cabinet and of course a sun shade umbrella,

we spent some time at the pool,

then glad rags on for our evening meal at Hans Swiss Chalet Restaurant,

smoked salmon for Kai, a huge plate of cold cuts and cheese for Steve and myself,

and a fried calamari for Diana,

beef stroganoff for Steve,

a pork dish for myself, Diana went straight into dessert mode,

we all agreed the food was so nice and the helpings were in the large department,

so off for a night on the town again,

there were so many bars to chose from,

and shoes!

as we were bar hopping we came across a mobile shoe stall, decisions, decisions!

then back into the bars,

it was hard work, but we soldiered on!

next back to the hotel for a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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