Friday, 22 January 2016

Day 4

up for breakfast,

an American one for myself,

Diana went with a fish and egg dish,

my American breakfast,

next stop Diana's parents home,

I had brought some chocolates with me from Thailand,

much to everyones delight,

all gone,

the view looking along the street,

and at Mum's sari-sari store,

it is like a local Mom and Pop store,

a quick farewell and we were off,

to the salon,

today we were going to have our prenuptial photo shoot, first Diana,

which gave me some time to look around the shop, this device looking like something that would be used in a 21st century Inquisition,

hair nearly finished,

so on to make up,

and here she is,

then it was my turn,

never had this done to me before except on Halloween nights,

all finished,

and we were on our way to the Lewis Grand for our photo-shoot,

and this is it,

the pictures came out perfectly,

better than we had ever expected,

presented in a booklet,

as a reminder of this,

most special of days,

we had three sets of clothes to wear,

in and around the hotel,

and its gardens,


after a shower we were ready to go out for our evening meal,

so glad rags on,

and we walked to Walking Street,

Thai food for Kai, spaghetti bolognese for Diana,

burger for Steve and chicken curry for myself,

naturally followed by a dessert,

we then partied the night away in Club Atlantis till the early hours, then for us we were all off to bed.

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