Sunday, 3 January 2016

This Will Be The Last Post For Some Time,

as I am off early to Bangkok, then to the Philippines,

but first back to yesterday, Mick and Jimmy called round for a tea and a chat, I can not believe how much Jimmy has grown since I last saw him, after saying our goodbyes it was time to pack and put in the flood defences, on to today I am going to Bangkok for one night to meet up with Steve and Kai, the next day I will be joining Diana and her family in Pampanga, we have in fact been married for over a year but have put off having the ceremony in the Philippines until now, so that all of the family can be present, after a few days Steve and Kai will be joining us for the ceremony, next a short honeymoon then back to Pattaya, after Steve and Kai have left I will start on the posts and as you might expect there will be lots of pictures! now that the dust from the holidays has settled I hope and wish that all had a pleasant Christmas and New Year, and are looking forward to 2016, back to yesterday, I watched television until the midnight hour, then I was off to bed.

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