Sunday, 29 May 2016

After Breakfast Again,

we were out on deck,

 were going to pass through the Messina Strait, we made our way past perpetration's for the afternoons bar-b-q and ice carving display,

looking forward,

4 flags fluttered in the chilly breeze,

and it really was chilly,

as we passed this point in Sicily, Messina,

the pool,

and observation decks were packed with people wrapped up against the cold,

on the Italian side of the vessel another ship passes us by,

a panorama of a small part of Messina and the pool area,

the pilot leaving the Ventura,

in the center of the picture a local fisherman,

zooming in here he is fishing,

we have now started to pick up speed as we steam further up the coast,

as you can see from Diana's hair,

it was really windy up on deck 15,

hair blowing in the breeze, not such a problem for myself,

another picture of Diana,

then it was time for the ice carving display, so past the bar-b-q,

to a block,

of pure distilled water,

frozen into ice onshore,

and kept in the ships freezers until needed for shows like this, the reason for this is so that there are no bubbles or other impurities to loud the ice, any clue as to what is being carved yet?

you can almost see it,

there it is finished, an Indian Chiefs head,

next a blog catch-up, 

then as the cocktail hour approaches,

Diana ordered a Pimms,which I had to drink,

then the barby was lit and form a queue,
a burger and hot dog for myself,

just a burger for Diana which she pronounced delicious, as it tasted just like one from Jolibee I was informed,

the chef in action,

then he noticed me taking his picture, so a quick pose,

sans glasses,

at the rear of one of the pools a group,

was giving live entertainment,

all too soon it was time to change,

for our evening meal, for Diana slow cooked pulled beef tian, with piccalilli and toasted rye bread, a Atlantic prawn cocktail for myself,

for our main courses, Diana chose a sirloin steak,button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green beans and home fries,

for myself grilled peppered sea trout with sweet potato fries, crisp pancette and a leek and pea puree,

we both chose a baked apple with calvados fruits and almond cluster, sauce Anglaise,


We popped into one of the bars as we had some time to kill before the start of the main show,

and tonight the show was,

Stage Door,

we were still a bit early so a glass or two of champagne before the the show,

the show started with a mixed lineup,

in essence the show was going to recreate,

songs from famous musicals,

the costumes all set in the period of the film,

as you might expect the performance was first rate,

with the cast having as much fun as the audience,

some  parts with groups,

and some with duets,

there was also,

an aerial part of the show,

another duet,

followed by a trio,

what could be better?

well these two performers,

and a solo watching all the girls go by,

then some real fun as these three,

took to the stage,

but fun apart they really could sing,

just one of the lineups,

then it all went military,

as soldiers took to the stage,

along with Tom Thumb,

as the cast,

performed some numbers from,

Babes In Toyland,

then with the band,

the grand finale,

all too soon the show was over, what a treat it truly was,

we will remember Stage Door for a long time to come,

it was still not midnight,

so a quick nightcap,

we sat in one of the bars,

in the atrium,

Diana ordered a Naughty and Spice,which was spiced rum, ginger ale and pineapple, which I drank s Diana does not like alcohol,

by the time I had finished my drink as well it was well past midnight, tomorrow we are up early for a shore excursion, so for us we were off to bed.

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