Friday, 27 May 2016

Another Day At Sea,

tonight it was a black tie affair this evening,

 but first breakfast,

 then a lounge,

 by the pool, 

 we moved to the other side to be in the shade,

 and cool off with a drink, 

 then above us movement, the roof started to slide open, 

 next lunch,

 with dessert,

 and back to the pool for the afternoon, 

 then glad rags on,

 for our evening out,

 and a change of tie for myself,

 we were dining at The Epicurean, for an amuses buch, a frozen Bloody Mary with an olive in the middle,


 starters, two types of smoked salmon, one matured in 21 year old whiskey,

 a Devon dressed crab for Diana,

 and a glass of wine for myself,

 main courses, smoked Gloucester Old Spot pork fillet,

 and honey glazed pork belly for Diana,

 salt marsh lamb rack with slow cooked glazed lamb breast for myself,

'Cheers!', from both of us,

 then a complimentary dish, a lightly fried egg on a slate, but was really a scoop of mango on thicken coconut juice, delicious!

 for dessert one of Diana's favorites, crepe Suzette flambe,

 for myself caramelized apple crumble,

 we were full to bursting by the time we finished,

 so much so that we declined the after dinner chocolates,

 then for the evenings entertainment,

 Clem Curtis, the smooth voiced lead singer of The Foundations,

 he opened with a song,

 then told us a little about himself, amazingly he is 76 years old, has been married 5 times, and is getting married again next month, which is why he is still singing,

 he then went into a number of hugely popular songs, 

 from his group, 

  and from the time, 

 a wonderful show,

 from a great performer,

 we then moved to another bar,

 and waited until the next show started,

 I regret to say,

 that I did not,

 make a note of the groups name, but there were excellent, by now it was late, very late, so back to the cabin we went,

where we had a surprise, The Epicurean had sent some goodnight chocolates to our room, what a nice touch, with that we were off to bed.

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