Sunday, 15 May 2016

We Were up Early,

as we had some shopping to do,

 also Kai has to prepare this evenings meal when two guest are calling round, but first a look at one of Phil's cars, this is one of the ones he is rebuilding  P5 Rover, but with a 400+BHP Lexus 400 engine, originally producing some 260 BHP in standard form, Phil has all sorts of go faster goodies on it,

 and 22" rims,

 a quick walk to the bottom of Phil's garden to look at the sheep,

 but by the time we got there they had all gone,

 so a walk back to the house,

 where one of the cats was waiting for us,

 a pose by Diana,

 the second cat called by for some affection,

 then it was time to say thank you and goodbye to Phil as we made our way back to London,

 passing the 1920s building that is now the Hallmark Hotel London Croydon Aerodrome, the aircraft outside a reminder of when Croydon had it''s own airport

 but this is where we were going Costco, for some shopping,

then to Wing Yip for some sauces and a coffee and cake breakfast, next stop home,

in the late afternoon, 

the fox called by for a scratch, 

a walk, 

 and a look around to make sure the coast was clear,

so her cub, 

could come out to play,

 Steve and Kai's guests arrived, Bob and Deb,

Kai and Diana had prepared so much food, we started with prawns, potato and salad,

 followed by a massaman chicken curry with a prawn, mushroom and asparagus dish with rice, 

 we were all full to bursting,

 then the desserts arrived,

arctic roll, 

apple pie, 

with ice cream and fresh strawberries, what could be better?

a 'Cheers!', from us all, 

Bob and Deb,

Steve, Kai and Diana,

 we put the television on for a while, watching this group of Australians on the Eurovision Song Contest,

 it was very informative and showed how my geography master at school got things so wrong, I like he had always thought that the term Euro in the title meant that the countries had to be in Europe, so I guess that as Israel, Russia and Australia are according to this definition all in Europe they will all be asked to join the European community? oh well the more the merrier as they say, back to the evening, as the midnight hour approached and we passed we bade Bob and Deb farewell, then we were off to bed.

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