Saturday, 14 May 2016

We Were Up Early,

as we were going to visit Phil and Ruby,

 but first Steve dropped us off at Bocketts Farm Park,

 as he had to make a call into nearby Leatherhead to see a business contact,

 so we had a look around the farm,

 and some of the static attractions it had,

 outside 3 or 4 ancient tractors,

 were on display,

 as we neared the converted barn,

 and farmers house,

 inside the barn it had been converted into a restaurant and kitchen,

and there were displays of farming implements,

 I have often read about some one being 'poll-axed' but never knew what a pollaxe was,

 until now,

 Steve joined us for a coffee before he left,

 after some cake we had a walk around,

 when I noticed we were being stalked,

 but then turkey then passed us by,

 one of the buildings had a fruit tree trained to the shape of it,

 the rear of the barn,

 one of the local population of crows called in for some cake,

 Steve soon returned,

 and we made our way towards Philip's house,

 via Box Hill,

 on the North Downs,

  into town, and out again,

 we were by now so near to Philip's house we drove past it and stopped at the local pub The Kings Head in Rudgwick,

 inside it is a traditional English Pub,

 with quiz and games nights for the locals,

 with a restaurant,

 and garden seating area,

 we call Philip, but he was busy at work,

 so the four of us settled down for lunch, gammon ham for Diana,

 beef, mustard and bread for Steve,

 ham salad for Kai,

beef sandwich for myself,

 after our meal and chatting we made a move down the road to Philip's house,

 the music room,

 and study,

 in his spare time Philip has built his own conservatory,

 we then said hello to Ruby, Philip's daughter and one of their three cats,

 into the garden,

 for play time,

 and cuddle with one of the cats, 

 next time for a pose, 

 and take a few pictures, 

 Ruby showed Kai how to remove weeds from the pond

 it looked so easy, 

 Kai had to have a go,

 I am not sure what these blue flowers are,

 I thought some type of magnolia, but I had never seen a pale blue one before,

 Ruby then treated us to a performance not only on the violin,

 but on the piano as well, she is an accomplished musician,

 time for a walk,

 for our evening meal,

 past Cox Green,

 and the sign post,

 through the churchyard, 

 and into, you guessed it! The Kings Head,

 just one of our starters, prawns and chips,

 curry for blue nails Diana,

 fish and chips for myself as a main course,

followed by desserts, apple pie and cream for Philip,

strawberries and ice cream for myself, coffees to follow,

 then that scary walk home through the graveyard,

 with strange figures looking like hobgoblins in the distance,

 we past through the graveyard without incident, home feet up, a chat, a coffee, then off to bed.

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