Wednesday, 18 May 2016

All Four Of Us Were Up Early,

we were going to the west,

 of London,

 and here we were,

 we parked up,

 and made our way into town,

 past the Windsor Royal Shopping Arcade,

 to the outskirts,

 of the castle,

 Steve had to see one of his clients there, we settled down for a coffee,

 at one of the many roadside cafes, 

 then some pomp and circumstance,

  as the band,

 marched past,

 with troops in the rear,

 they continued along the High Street,

 then right wheeled,

 smartly into the castle approach,

 then into the castle itself,

 next for us join the queue,

 to enter the castle,

 although the main approach was busy the side streets had hardly a visitor,

 this way barred to public and vehicles,

 the flag flying at the top of the mast, the Queen is in residence,

 the girls were still taking pictures,

 as one of the officials looked on,

 just one more,

 then another,

 inside the ticket hall,

 the sign says it all,

 now the photo-shoot begins,

 with the castle in the background,

 Diana multitasking with both hand telephones,

 I had enough on my hands with just the camera,

 the castle tower,

 with the girls,

 the flag proudly flying in the breeze,

 time for a few more pictures,

 with both of the girls,

 we made our way further inside the castle passing through this gateway with lights,

 on both sides of it,

 no prizes for guessing the time,

 from the clock on what I guess,

 are the private quarters,

 protected by this horseman,

 now were were going downhill, past the moat house,

and an ornamental pond,

 in what was once the moat,

 looking back at one of the towers,

 with the girls in the foreground,

 as we went down the hill, the chapel on the right,

 with I guess the houses for workers here on the left,

 and how appropriate as a Royal Mail van leaves the Royal Castle,

 Diana in front of the chapel,

 joined by Kai,

 Diana was busy again with both Kai and her own mobile telephones taking pictures,

 at the end of the chapel,

 I noticed these two roof top ornaments,

 one a weather vane,

 looking up towards the chapel,

 a quick pose, then further down the hill to visit the guard,

 who at this time was mobbed by school kids,

 then to the shout of,

 'Make Way!',

 the guard was inspected,


 and changed,

 ready for his duty to guard the Queen's House,

 and have his picture taken,

 with residents and tourists from all over the world,

 a last look at Queen Victoria and we were off,

 for a walk around the shopping center, a look at a train, but not a real one,

 it is full size copy of a GWR Achilles class, that pulled the 6 Royal carriages,

 we had a look at some of the stalls inside,

 mostly clothes stalls,

 as we made our way to the river we spotted this Duck giving road and river tours,

 at the river,



 and lots of swans,

 I have never seen so many swans in one place in all of my life,

 neither had Diana,

 it was absolutely amazing,

 Kai decided to take some pictures as she was stalked by a swan,

 that got really close,

 it then decided I had some food,

but it then went back to see Kai,

 a final look at the mass of swans here, 

 a picture of the swans with Diana,

 OK, one more picture of a swan,

during the day Diana made a video of the day, and here it is,

we then had our midday meal at The Real Greek,

 which was nicely laid out,

 Steve ordered chicken served on top of a combination of spinach, couscous salad, tomato and cucumber salad, Aegean slaw and Greek potato salad,

Kai, Diana and myself,

 all ordered chicken with saffron rice, Greek salad, tzatziki and warm flatbread,

 all of which was delicious,

 when we were relaxing after our meal, the Duck came past the restaurant,

as did a nice Moto Guzzi, we made our way back to Beckenham, it was decided we would have a meal at home, 

so Kai made vegetable rice, pad Thai and a Thai chicken curry, all of which was delicious, so meal over, feet up and a couple of films, then for us we were all off to bed.

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