Sunday, 22 May 2016

Diana And Myself,

went to the shop before it opened,

 I wanted a coupe of pictures so I could update our web site,

 but then I had a shoe malfunction, so off to Bromley to buy a new pair of shoes, the one pair of brown shoes I have failed after only 5 years, we took a taxi to the road at the side of The Partridge next to the market square,

 Diana was happy shopping again,

 in the square a young person steel band was playing, I mentioned to Diana how good they were,

 shopping over we made our way back home,

before Steve left for the cup final he dropped us off here, the Toby Carvery at Eden Park,

 the girls were happy,

 looking at the selection,

 so was I,

 as well as pork, turkey, beef and ham,

 for a small extra charge you could also chose between duck or lamb,

 we made our choice,,

 and what a selection,


 on to desserts,

 chocolate ice cream munchies for Kai and Diana,

 caught on camera,

 strawberries and cream for myself,

 after the meal we made a move for home to watch the match, a cup final in which Steve's team Crystal Palace were playing, unfortunately Steve's team lost so it was a shame for all of us, after he arrived home we watched a few films and as we have an early start tomorrow morning we were off to bed, 

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