Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Our Last Day In Paris,

we had a lovely weekend,

 but now it was time to leave, we popped over the road after packing to this restaurant,

Diana ordered a cheese and ham omelet,

 for myself a croissant and coffee,

 that arrived with half a of a long roll of bread,

 we then checked out of the hotel and made a move to the hotel cafe, we had a long wait for our train, but when we booked some months ago it was a late night train or none at all! in the cafe I noticed this hand operated ham slicer, I had not seen one of these since was a kid,

 the good news was that the cafe had a afternoon tea and cake deal, all you could eat and drink for 10 euros,

 so we settled down there, 

 for a few hours in the afternoon,

 the cafe of course had a well stocked bar, but we stayed with tea and coffee,

 then a move to the station, immigration and customs completed,

 and we were in the station where a film was being made,

 as far as I could tell there were no actors as such, they appeared to be filming people as they left in bound trains, so if you arrived iParis at Gare du Nord station you might see yourself in a future movie, like it or not,

 we waited on the upper concourse,

looking down on out train, all went well until we reached London, the last St Pancras train to Beckenham Junction had already left, one of the officials for the railway told us to go to platform 8 and change at Blackfriars which we did, but then found out that there is no train for Beckenham Junction from Blackfriars, we had to get another train to Hearne Hill and change trains there for Beckenham Junction, we finally arrived at Steve and Kai's home, it took nearly as long what with the waiting for trains to go the 11 miles or so from St Pancras to Beckenham Junction as it did from Paris to London! but all ended well with a coffee and some television we were all off to bed.

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