Friday, 6 May 2016

Steve Had A Day In The Country,

planned for us,

 first stop breakfast at the Old Village Cafe in Hayes,

 a big breakfast for Steve,

   a small number 1 for Diana,

a bacon sandwich for myself,

 our next stop was Holwood Farm Shop, Yellow Barn, New Road Hill, Keston, where Steve and Kai buy their coffee,

 Diana was smelling the tulips, surprisingly they did have a nice scent,

 being a farm shop there was lots of local produce for sale,

 both outside and indoors,

 I never realised there were so many types or flavors of Scotch eggs,

 plus a good selection of local cheeses,

 there were so many local and unusual foodstuffs to buy, well worth a visit, here is the map,

next stop, Christmas Tree Farm, you may think it sells Christmas trees, but as far as I know it does not, it gets it's name from this,

a huge Christmas tree in the front garden,

it is in fact a family petting farm,

 with all manner of animals there, from tortoises,

to birds,

 to lamas,

 not in the farm but in the field next door to the car park was the home to this Highland bull, all was well as Steve petted it,

 but when it moved it's head it nearly gave Steve a nasty one,

it was huge,

our last stop of the day, Polhill Nursery,

we went to the fresh seafood stall I remembered form a visit here last year, we will be buying a few cockles later,

the range of flowers stocked here is awesome, from orchids,

to cactus,

including so many colours of Christmas cactus,

air plants,


and even insectivorous plants,

also there were indoor water features,

outside under cover the varieties went on, 

the choice was almost endless,

we left the covered area,

and went outside, where there were more plants,

and garden ornaments,

like this one,

or maybe more life like,

could this be a real crocodile?

we were about to order our seafood when I could not believe my eyes, a Vincent series B Rapide, was in the car park, I have to say my favourite motorcycle above all others, I did in fact own this exact model many years ago, I wandered over to have a chat with the owner, you could have knocked me and him down with a feather, it was Paul Adams the very gentleman I bought my Vincent from all of those years ago, what a coincidence and what are the chances of meeting him and chatting bikes today, when this morning we had no idea we were gong to polhill?

then another treat, a plate of cockles, I would have had whelks but alas they were sold out,

another decision, we would call over and see Turkish,

both Diana and Kai love watermelons,

and where better than his shop Istanbul to buy one? arriving home the girls made a chicken salad for our evening meal, that was followed by an Eton mess, but made with not only strawberries and blueberrys, the girls added raspberries and red currents to the cream, delicious,we then watched a couple from Death in Paradise,followed by a couple from Narcos, a series following pretty much the true story of drug baron Pablo Escobar and Steve Murphy, a DEA agent sent to Colombia on a U.S. to kill him, with the end of episode 4 we were off to bed.

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Linda said...

Looks like a great time! Lovely photos.