Friday, 20 May 2016

The Small Or Baby Fox ,

amused us,

 first thing in the morning,

as it played outside the garden window, then the day begun, I made a move to the bank and then to the post office and dental surgery, one of my crowns had become loose and dropped out, while the girls went to Bromley,

 on a shopping fest, 

and a bite to eat,

 arriving home, a shower and a change of clothes and we were out again,

 I did not recognise this flower, I am still not sure if it is a flower or the bush has flowered and this is the seed pod,

 or a bud,

 we then made a move for our evening meal to Miso Noodle Bar in Beckenham High Street,

 inside the restaurant looking at the bar,

 I will not describe every dish,

 all I can say,

 is that they were huge,

 we all decided on the duck dish after our starters, 

 three of them so extra staff had to be called to shred all of the ducks,

 then it was time to tuck in,

Steve, Kai, Diana and myself were joined by Bob and Deb, who wished to remain anonymous, 

 but naturally,

 I did not!

 after the duck,

 our main courses arrived,

 severed by one of the happy Miso staff, 

so it was eyes down, look and tuck in, after the meal we said our goodbyes to Bob and Deb and made our way home, then feet up, a film, a nightcap or three and we were all of to bed.

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