Thursday, 11 October 2018

Another Quiet Day,

but in the evening we were out,

 so it was glad rags on,

 and we were off for a walk along Dongtan Beach,

 to Jomtien beach, 

 it was a bit late so we missed the sunset, 

 this is where we were going for our evening meal,

 the Akvavit grill and bar, it is just before Jomtien Soi 3,

 there was plenty of outside seating, but we choose the air conditioned part of the restaurant,

on to our starters,

 for Diana toast skagen, which was prawns in dill mayonnaise, served on toast topped with lumpfish roe, 

 and for myself, lobster soup,

with a couple of lobster tails,

 a quick pose,

 a 'Cheers!', from me,  

 and it was eyes down and tuck in, 

 and here was something I had never seen in Thailand before, a proper soup spoon,

 it looks like a normal spoon, but is slightly lengthened, 

after a break our main courses,

 for Diana, two huge racks of Texas smoked ribs, with a salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob,

and chips,

 then for myself, 3 Australian lamb chops, with a marinated beetroot salad, and roasted vegetables, 

 a side salad,

and the most delicious sauteed potatoes,

 it was a feast, 

 'Cheers!', again,

 a quick pose, and time to tuck in, the food was excellent as was the service, also the portions of food were just so filling, we had both decided on our desserts, but were too full to order them! the cost of the meal with 2 half carafes of wine came to 3,020 baht, and although a tad expensive compared to other restaurants we normally go to, it was worth every baht,

 we started our walk back to the condominium,

 and I noticed this motorcycle,

 with what must be a unique paint job,

the beach entrance to the condominium, next it was feet up for some cable television and then we were off to bed.

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